Friday, October 31, 2008

The Advantage Of Fly Fishing

The advantage of fly fishing over any other type of fishing is its' ability to cast small floating insect like baits when fish are top feeding. The cult aside that is the only advantage, in point of fact many spinning rods are fashened from fly rod blanks, the only difference being the guides and reel seat placement. If this pans out and is an economically feasible alternative, I foresee the use of spinning reels mounted on fly rods. This should provide more competition to reel manufacturers and usher in an era of low cost quality reels. I see no drawbacks to the fly fishing community due to it.

Somebody else could say that throwing a chuck of fly line with a spinning rod is not fly fishing because the essence of fly fishing is the casting. According to this point of view if you can't cast, you are not a fly fisherman. I have nothing against spinning tackle, I own and use a lot of it, but spinning and fly fishing are two completely different things. If you want to be a real fly fisherman learn to cast.

I personally do not enjoy fly casting very much because most of the time I am fishing from a lake shore or on the banks of a brook where efficient fly casting is impossible...oh well...this is the end of fly fishing as you know more 1000 dollar rods...just your average $20 rod can out perform the most skilled caster

By Inter Val

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fishing For Recreation and Sports

Before embarking on your sports fishing you should plan the excursion well to make it more enjoyable. If you are scheduling your fishing trips during holidays and weekdays, it is important for you to make advance reservations to avoid rush during your fishing sport vacation.

Are you a fishing sport enthusiast who love fishing at peace? If you want to avoid the weekend crowd, in fishing sport, you can prefer to boat during a weekday evening. You can set a group of six people and go to fish for the whole day, at least for eight hours. In the case of a sponsor, you can make arrangements for food, drink for your group, a captain and an assistant mate. You will get tackle, bait and ice from Charter Boat Company. During fishing, do not overdo alcohol, in your own interest. During summer months you should put on some kind of cool clothing, head covering, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from scorching sun. You can enjoy the fishing sport and pass your time usefully when you the tricks of the sport.

While preparing for the fish gear and equipment you should take adequate care in them to excel in sport fishing. The deck shoes that you wear should have soft soles. During spring or winter season, you should wear warm apparel to keep yourself from wind factors. Buy some motion sickness medicine like Dramamine tablet from your local drug store. You can have salt water fishing license or temporary license to use fishing vessels of charter boat companies. Before departing for your fishing trip, please check the whether report of the area and do not venture in inclement weather like high winds and fierce rains. By following the above fishing guidelines, you can protect the best interest of your party and keep lifetime memories of your fishing trip.

By Rama Arun

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Fishing Boat - Look Before You Leap!

If you have any experience in the sport of fishing you will probably agree that it is one of the best ways to spend your spare time. Al experienced anglers dream of having their own fishing boats to get the most out of their life's desired water sport. A proper fishing boat will only add to the experience of each and every fishing trip, and nothing like having your own fishing boat. There is not dearth of the kinds of fishing boats available in the market, there is one to suit every budget, and we mean every budget.

People can opt for a simple dingy or they can get themselves a glass bottom fishing boat, it all depends on your budget. Depending on the amount you are wiling to invest in your fishing boat, you must decide what type of fishing trips you are going to use the boat for. For instance, a fishing boat designed for bass fishing trips will not be of any use for walleye fishing trips because the boat is not designed for deep sea fishing trips.

Depending on the activities you are planning to undertake you must decide on the boat accordingly. If you want to take the boat out just for your fishing trips there is no use getting a boat that can be used for cruising and water skiing, though the family might put some pressure on you to figure their sporting desires in your boating plans as well. It is only advisable to get a boat that can be used by the family for their leisure activity as well as for yours. A fishing boat with a cabin might be just the right kind of vessel that the family can use for their vacations as well as for your fishing trips.

It is advisable to get yourself a boat that can be used for fishing in both, fresh water as well as in salt water. Salt water fishing will include fishing in the deep seas and will need a fishing boat that is designed to handle very large fish. While deciding on the kind of boat you are planning to buy, it is always better to spend a bit extra and get a good boat once and for all, a boat that will fit all your fishing and vacationing plans, be it staying on the waterfront or going out to sea, planning a skiing trip or just cruising fro a few days on the sea.

If you are planning on just getting a boat that will suffice for a simple fishing trip now and then, you must be aware that there are boats that are specifically designed for fishing during the day and those that are meant for fishing during the night. A boat that can be used during the night as well as the day is a slightly expensive boat as it has some features that are designed for night fishing. So, make an informed decision, as you don't buy a boat every few months.

By Abhishek Agarwal

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fishing Adventures in China

If you love fishing and travel, have you ever considered of fishing in Hong Kong, China? Hong Kong is well known as an excellent fishing spot and enthusiastic fishermen flock there to fish for some of the most unusual underwater creatures in the world.

You may never have thought of fishing in Hong Kong before. The vast majority of people who go there are enchanted by the shopping districts and all the other sights and sounds it has to offer. However, you can also get to know the differing methods of fishing in a foreign country.

As Hong Kong is surrounded by salt water, the majority of fishing is for salt water fish. The fishing areas are easy to reach, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the abundance of fish. Ask for advice for the best area to fish in to ensure you make best use of your time on the water.

If you want to experience fishing in a tranquil and relaxing environment, Stanley is an excellent selection for you as well. This is close to Hong Kong and tourists frequent the area with great enjoyment.

There are other locations, such as the Lamma Island and Sai Kung peninsulas, that offer the serious fisherman a taste of traditional Chinese fishing, which is a must. You are also able to hire charter boats from these areas. Traditional fishing there could be something that you had never thought to try, but is a great experience. However, if traditional fishing is not your preference, there are plenty of areas for you to fish your own way.

Fresh water fishing also takes place in Hong Kong. However, you may find it difficult to do so as you need to have a license for this. Fresh water fishing is usually for carp and a few other marine species, but it is not as popular. So it is normally best and easier to stick to salt water fishing.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that fishing in Hong Kong does not require too much planning. You can literally show up with your equipment and within a short space of time find yourself fishing in some of the most stunning salt water areas on the planet. So if you ever have the opportunity to visit Hong Kong for business or pleasure and you enjoy fishing, remember to pack your equipment and head for the shore.

By Garvin Douglas

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Fly Fishing Spoken Here!

Fly Fishing is a very old method of fishing that is particularly effective for hauling in trout. Ponds, small streams, rivers and lakes are best for trout. Fly fishing is tantalizingly unique in that the bait is artificial flies made by tying, fur, yarn, feathers, foam, or almost anything else that can be made to look like a fly onto a hook as bait. The best way to learn how to tie flies is to talk with anglers who have become experts over time or you could attend a fly tying school.

Dry fly fishing and wet fly fishing are the two forms of fly-fishing. Dry fly fishing is the most familiar and is regarded as the classic form. Using the dry fly fishing technique, the angler casts the fly upstream hoping that the trout will rise up and bite the fly as it passes overhead. Wet fly-fishing involves fishing beneath the surface of the water and can be divided into lures fishing, true wet fly-fishing and nymph fishing.

Fly-fishing tackle, and fly-fishing reels and rods are all commonly used fly-fishing equipment. Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, California, Idaho and more recently New Mexico are all popular fly-fishing areas in the U.S.. British Columbia and Alberta are also very popular.

The popularity of fly-fishing has increased dramatically in recent years. It is definitely a fast growing sport and it's easy to see why; it's relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding. Usually, fly-fishing anglers practice the sport in the most beautiful areas of the world. Fly-fishermen worldwide are known to have an on going love affair with their sport.

Beginning fly-fishing anglers may have difficulty learning the sport. Probably the best place to learn is a fly-fishing school or from a fly-fisherman that is willing to take you on as a student. There are also a number of excellent fly-fishing courses on the Internet. The school you choose should teach the techniques, strategies, and tactics used in fly-fishing.

Before you get hip deep in any water, you should learn about the various fish you'll be casting for, learn the basics of casting and how to read the water, you'll want to know how to take care of your gear and how to tie knots, and maybe you'll even want to learn a little about hatches and entomology.

This sport is a life-long source of endless delight. You will live to feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingle as you watch a trout looking upstream for the fly you've just cast.

By Lanie Dills

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Art of Fly Fishing

What is fly fishing? For most people, fishing is just fishing. Throw some bait on a line, toss it in the water and wait for a nibble, but for fly fishing enthusiasts, it’s so much more. An ancient angling method, fly fishing is a method that was initially developed primarily for catching trout and salmon. Currently, however, it is also used to catch pike, carp, bass and other species.

Fly fishing uses an artificial fly as bait, which is tied to a hook with the use of thread, feathers, fur and other similar materials. The idea is to create an illusion that will match a natural vision of food to attract the fish. Fly rods, which are used for fly fishing, are light in weight, but long in their design. The lines, themselves, are somewhat heavy in order to provide the casting weight. The lines may be made to either float or sink and are typically matched to the fly rod according to the weight. The fly itself will be very lightweight and is attached to the line.

So, what is the difference between fly fishing and regular fishing? Realistically, it is more than just the bait, right? Right. The main difference in fly fishing and regular casting is that with casting, you use the weight of the bait to throw out the line, while fly fishing uses a weightless bait and a weighted line that directs the actual placement.

Fly fishing is commonly done in two different forms, which consists of either dry or wet. Dry flies are coated to sit atop the water’s surface, while wet flies are placed beneath the water’s surface in an attempt to lure fish.

Fly fishing rods and accessories can be commonly found at any bait shop, retail store’s fishing department or online specialty store. There are a number of online fly fishing experts that are happy to sell their recommended products. The internet may, in fact, hold the greatest selection of fly fishing gear as customers are granted access to a world of businesses and a haven of products to feed their fly fishing appetite.

The art of fly fishing is best enjoyed in the company of friends. A quiet afternoon on the water, enjoying nature and competing for the greatest catch is all apart of the fun related to fly fishing. There are many areas that are accommodating to fly fishing, including the western United States and parts of Canada.

By Angel Estrella

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fly Fishing Trips

If you are looking for an incredible holiday vacation, then a fly fishing trip is the perfect answer. It is both educational and adventurous. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced angler, you will have a fabulous experience if the trip is well planned.

Walk/wade trips and float trips are the two common types of fly-fishing trips. The walk/ wade trips give you the unique feeling of catching your favorite fish standing thigh deep in the water. Should you choose a float-fishing trip, you will enjoy fishing off shore.

Finding the right place to go is key to a successful fly-fishing trip. You find a place on your own or depend on a trip service provider. Before starting your trip, make sure you have a first aid kit and a location map. Your equipment should include all the necessary fishing tools such as steel rod pods, line and spare spool, throwing sticks and hackle pliers. In addition, you should remember to purchase a fishing license if required.

Owens River, Piru Creek and Deep Creek, Delaware River, Stillaguamish River and Idaho Falls are some of the perfect locations to arrange your fly fishing trips.

An extensive line of service providers such as hotels, resorts, wilderness lodges, outfitters and B&B’s are available at most fly fishing sites. You can find more information about fly-fishing trips in fishing publications, libraries, and on the Internet. Those outlets will also provide you with knowledge about how to tie your own fly - from choosing and buying materials, to tying techniques, to casting methods, and more.

By Kristy Annely

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Monday, October 20, 2008

What You Should Know About Sports Fishing

What is Sports Fishing?

Fishing is a very popular hobby amongst western people. American considers fishing as a sport. It's a very lazy way to spend time and relaxing. Normally people try to find and catch the region’s most coveted fish during sport fishing event. Some fishing groups prefer the catch the fish only for excitement and others also eat the fish at the end of the day.

What are common types of Sports Fishing?

Each type of fish requires a specific method for the appropriate catch. There are different techniques to catch common species like tuna, walleye, northern pike, finger mark, trout, and even shark. Most popular sports fishing types are Bass fishing, Ice fishing, Fly-fishing, Rock fishing.

5 Popular destinations of sports fishing

1. Golfito, Costa Rica is a destination of passionate sports anglers. It's situated amidst miles of beautiful rainforest, abundant wildlife and dramatic terrain beaches.

2. Vava’u Tonga is one of the top sports fishing destination in the South Pacific.

3. Puerto Vallarta is an excellent sports fishing destination, and Marina Mismaloya offers a wide range of fishing adventures in the waters around Puerto Vallarta.

4. Oriental, North Carolina also has gained a reputation as an outstanding sports fishing destination. It is located on the widest river in North America, the Neuse.

5. Mozambique is a popular Indian Ocean Sports fishing destination

Fishing equipment require for sports fishing

Reel, Rod, Tackle, Fishing nets and Fish finders are the basic tools required to participate in a fishing competition. Angler can use simple fishing lures and spinners as sport fishing bait. Night crawlers, streamers, oysters, shrimp are used as common baits during sports fishing. Many sports fishing competitions and events allow using frozen bait. You can visit sports fishing museum to see wide variety of fishing gear.

By Arindam Chattopadhyaya

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Best Fly Fishing Rods

Most fly fishermen take the sport very seriously. Going beyond the fact that it is a way to catch fish and also to enjoy the outdoors, fly fishermen think of what they do as an art, and rightly so. Fly fishing is much more involved than regular fishing, and it takes practice and dedication to learn the intricacies of the sport. Most fly fishermen will tell you, however, that it is definitely worth it.

When learning how to fly fish, or if you have already been doing it for a while, having the right fly fishing rod is essential. There are several types of fly fishing rods on the market, and which one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference, your fly fishing style, and what you are most comfortable with.

Bamboo fly fishing rods – Talk to many fly fishing enthusiasts and you will hear a lot of good things about bamboo fly fishing rods. Many fly fishermen swear by them, saying they are the best type of fly fishing rod that you can use. Although this is obviously a matter of opinion, there are a lot of positive features in a bamboo fly fishing rod. Bamboo fly fishing rods were one of the first fly fishing rods used, and it is a tribute to their popularity that they are still being made today. These fishing rods are light, flexible, and they have a nice slow action that means they are ideal for those who practice a more refined method of fly fishing. Making bamboo fly fishing rods is a delicate and exact process, and for this reason they tend to be the most expensive fly fishing rods that you can buy.

Graphite fly fishing rods – Fly fishing rods made of graphite tend to be quite stiff, but this doesn’t mean that they are not effective. This type of fly fishing rod is very strong, although the strength can vary depending on the quality. Fly fishermen like the performance and durability that they get from graphite fly fishing rods. They can vary in price and design, so if you are a beginner at fly fishing, you should bring along someone who can help you pick out just the right graphite rod for you.

Fiberglass fly fishing rods – These days, a large number of fishing rods, whether they are for fly fishing or “regular” fishing, are made from fiberglass. Fiberglass is strong, durable, and flexible, making it perfect as a material for fishing rods. The drawback to fiberglass fishing rods is that, compared to bamboo and graphite rods, they are relatively heavier. This means that fly fishermen who are using fiberglass fishing rods may find that their arms feel a little more tired and achy at the end of the day. All in all, though, their strength and their ability to take a lot of punishment make them a popular choice.

By John Gibb

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tips for Choosing the Right Fishing Boat

If you love to go fishing, then you also know that it is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time. And you also know that what you need then is the right fishing boat. The right fishing boat can help you get the most out of your fishing trips.

There are a lot of different types of fishing boats available from which to choose. Different boats offer different features depending on the type of fishing that you like to do. Therefore, the first decision to make is to decide what type of fishing you plan on doing. This is important before choosing a fishing boat. For example, a bass boat would not work well for walleye fishing because this kind of boat is not equipped to handle big waves or deep water.

The area in which you plan to go fishing and the type of fishing you plan on taking part in is a factor in determining the right kind of boat to purchase. For instance, do you plan on fishing in fresh water, salt water, or both? If you want to be fishing in saltwater, are you planning on going deep sea fishing or staying close the waters edge? These are important questions you need your consideration to help you choose the right kind of boat for your fishing plans.

You also need to determine if you plan to use the boat just for fishing or would you like a boat to use for recreation as well. Perhaps you want the versatility of being able to throw in a few skiing trips once in awhile. But if you only want the boat for fishing then you will want to buy one designed especially for that purpose. If you think you would also like to do other water activities then look for a boat with multiple features. The “sportfish” model is one of the newer designs that have been built for excellent fishing and for many other water activities as well.

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you will be fishing during the day or if you will also be fishing at night. If you want to do night fishing then you will need to choose a boat that can provide you with some protection. And these boats are more comfortable than other fishing boats.

A big factor in choosing the right fishing boat is determining how many people you will be taking with you on your fishing trips. You will need to choose a boat that is big enough for everyone to fit in comfortably. Remember that you also have to have enough room to maneuver the fishing rods and equipment with ease for a pleasurable experience.

Depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing you will even need to decide if you want an aluminum fishing boat or a fiberglass boat. They each have its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s always a good idea to research both.

Before you go out to look for that perfect fishing boat, take the time necessary to consider all the things we have mentioned above. Ask yourself all the right questions. Write down your answers. This will aid you in deciding which fishing boat would be the best boat to purchase to fulfill all your fishing and boating needs.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fly Fishing Is a Lifelong Passion

Any serious fisherman loves to try the newest and hottest "secret" fishing hole. So, if you are tired of fishing the same old spots and elbowing for position along over fished stream banks, why not plan a fishing trip to some exotic fishing location. You can fish almost anywhere in the world (although I wouldn't necessarily eat some of the fish I'd catch in some polluted areas) and can either go it alone or hire a local fishing guide. You could stay at fishing vacation rental properties, resorts, cabins, cottages, homes, houseboats and campgrounds. The choice is yours. And you can even find fishing resorts that cater to non-fishing family members so you can take the whole family along.

There is no excuse not to plan a fishing trip. You can plan a saltwater fishing trip in the cold ocean waters and fish for tuna and other fish. Or perhaps you are more inclined to a warm water ocean trip angling for trophy marlin or swordfish. In either case, you will find marinas full of expert guides willing to take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime for as long as you want.

If freshwater fishing is more your style, you may want to head out to a secluded lodge resting on the shores of a lake or the banks or a faraway creek. You will find guides and lodges to take you spin casting or fly fishing.

And if you have never fished before, you can still take a fishing trip. All you need to do is find a lodge or resort that offers a fishing school. Many fishing schools, especially fly fishing schools, offer all inclusive packages that give you the use of all the fishing gear you will need including rod, reel, flies, and even a nice fishing vest. They will teach even the beginning novice how to fish and then take you to a beautiful stream or lake to try out your new angling skills.

By Dean Novosat

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Top 10 Fishing Vacation Destinations

Fishing was once the only way populations residing on the coastlines could survive. Even in today's age of technology, fishing activities provide livelihood for many people in developing nations. For those who no longer need to depend on fishing, the industry has become a lucrative lure for tourism.

Fishing vacations are holidays where majority of the time is spent out on the waters, hunting for fish and bringing the largest catch home. The entire tour can be arranged by tour operators and is designed to give the vacationers the best of fresh and saltwater fishing experience. Thus, an ideal fishing vacation takes individuals from the interiors to the deep sea, enabling them to indulge in fly-fishing, estuary fishing, and coastal fishing. The destinations can be arranged as per the choice of the vacationers and depending on it more time can be spent on fly-fishing or coastal fishing or any other fish-related activity that catches the fancy of the travelers.

In the places near the coastlines, fishing is not just an activity; it is the means of livelihood for many and a skillful art for others. The top fishing vacation destinations lie mainly in the tropics. Thus, places such as Los Cabos in Mexico, Quepos in Costa Rica, the Andaman Islands in India, or Canberra in Australia are some of the famous places for dream fishing vacations. In addition, tropical islands such as Mauritius, Java, Hawaii, Tahiti, and the Bahamas are excellent fishing spots that rank among the top in the world. Also on the saltwater trail for the top fishing in the world are Zanzibar in Tanzania with its high-speed sports fishing and Caamano Sound in Canada with some of the nest king salmon heists on offer. Marbella in Spain, and Turkey's coastal regions, are apt destinations for a bout of Mediterranean fishing. Equally exotic are the Guinea Islands, the Forra River Basin in Norway, and Phuket, Thailand.

Depending on traveler perspective and the kind of fishing available, a large number of destinations worldwide can try for a break in the list of the top ten fishing vacation destinations.

By Jennifer Bailey

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top 5 Fly Fishing Vacation Destinations

Top 5 Fly Fishing Vacation Destinations highlights the best fly fishing spots located around the world. For all the vacationers planning to explore the fly fishing sport and enjoy the action in the water, this information would be indeed helpful. The top 5 fly fishing vacation destinations are the ones, which stand above from the myriad fly fishing destinations and offer a fine quality experience to the vacationers.

To enjoy the fly fishing sport and stretch out in the glory of water, plan the next vacation to the top 5 fly fishing destinations.

The Best amongst the Best:

1. Montana: This is the most popular fly fishing vacation destination best renowned for trout fishing areas from over the world. Most of the fly fishing groups from around the world is aware about the popular Montana River's such as Yellowstone, Beaverhead, Madison, Bighorn, Clark Fork, Gallatin and Big Hole. All the Montana Rivers maintains the quality standard set by this remarkable trout fishing location.

2. Alaska: This place truly deserves to be in the list of top 5 fly fishing vacation destinations. Alaska is considered to set the benchmark on which other fly fishing spots are measured all over the world. Expert fly fishing anglers are aware that this area allows catching some of the finest salmon and trout fishing on the globe. The fly fishermen over here are anticipated of having the highest fish catching rate in entire Alaska. June is the ideal month to go for fly fishing sport in this spot.

3. New Zealand: The areas of North and South Islands at this destination are suitable for angling. Homemade trout flies are not permitted for fly fishing here. Anglers can trout and carry out fly fishing sport comfortably throughout the summer. The place is also popularly known as Angler's El Dorado.

4. Canada: It is the most famous destination having the wonders of fly fishing that can be explored here. There are passive and gorgeous lakes and rivers that are used for fly fishing. It is one of the most excellent places in Northern America for catching a good trout. Black Lake, Selwyn Lake, Misaw Lake are some of the other destinations where saltwater or freshwater salmon fishing is carried out.

5. Norway: This destination in the North of Alta is rich in large salmons. Wide ranges of fishes are found here. This is the place to catch the most abundant salmon in the entire world. The quality of this fish with respect to size and taste is quite amazing.

By Leonard Clark Jr

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fly Fishing – Waving Feathers In The Air

To me fly fishing has always meant one thing; standing on the edge of the water waving feathers back and forth in the air. My disdain for fly fishing could stem from the fact that my fishing mentor always referred to fly fisherman as 'flea flickers' or it could come from the fact that I live in Montana and people assume that since I love fishing, that has to mean that I fly fish. Oh well, it is what it is, the point of the matter is that fly fishing has been interpreted to be somehow superior to other types of fishing and I don't like that.

Many anglers consider flea flicking to be an art. I take umbrage with this notion. My fishing techniques are every bit the art form that fly fishing professes itself to be. Using ultra light equipment, small hooks, fishing line no heavier than 4 lb. test, all add up to be every bit the art form that flea flicking supposedly is.

I had someone say to me the other day, "I'm going to learn how to fish, my boyfriend is taking me fly fishing!" I replied, "That's too bad", and she had no clue what I was referring to. I was referring to the fact that yet another person was going to be introduced to the spectacle of waving feathers back and forth in the air. I'm sure she won't stick with it, so there's really no harm, but my point is that because I love fishing, she assumed that it was fly fishing that I was into, and that I would care if some jag-off who's trying to get in her pants is going to let her stand next to him while he waves feathers back and forth in the air!

The bottom line is that, to me, fly fishing will always be nothing more than waving feathers back and forth in the air by individuals who take their hobby much too seriously. And if they could stop assuming that just because I love to catch fish, that I love to fly fish, that would be great too, because obviously nothing could be farther from the truth.

By Trevor Kugler

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fly Fishing Flys - The Difference Between Different Types of Flies

If you go into any fishing tackle shop, you will find a plethora of fly fishing flys. In fact, you might find that the shop has an overwhelming amount of fly fishing flys. It can be hard to know where to even start looking, let alone how to know which flys to buy.

To help you out, here are some basic descriptions of some of the major types of fly fishing flys:

Wet Fly Fishing Flys

The flys are supposed to resemble certain insects as they would look beneath the surface of the water. Fish will bite at wet fly fishing flys, thinking that they are drowned insects, aquatic insects, or larvae swimming to the surface to hatch. When using wet flys, you are not necessarily trying to imitate a particular insect or fish, etc. (whereas you are trying to do so when using dry flies or nymphs). Wet fly fishing flys are supposed to imitate insects in motion… they look like they are swimming to the surface or drowning, etc. You do not need perfect technique to fish with wet flys.

Dry Fly Fishing Flys

These fly fishing flys are meant to resemble an insect floating on the surface of the water (although, some do not imitate insects, but rather frogs, snakes, or mice, etc.) To keep the fly on the surface of the water, many of them need to be oiled with something like Gink. Some flys rely on the surface tension of the water to float.

Nymph Fly Fishing Flys

A nymph resembles an insect living under water. It can also resemble certain larvae. Some nymphs may have added weight to keep it underwater.

By Anne Clarke

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fishing Boats

When it comes to fishing there are two sorts that are regularly undertaken, recreational fishing and commercial fishing. As such there is a wide range of types of fishing boats that are used in the fishing process.

When it comes to commercial fishing boats most people will think of trawlers scouring the oceans for fish. Trawlers basically pull a trawl net though the water catching fish in the way. As with most forms of commercial fishing the nets are often considered bad for fishing as they are indiscriminate in the fish caught. Trawlers will either drag their nets along the bottom of the ocean or at a depth dependent on the type of fish being hunted. Normally solo craft some trawlers do work in teams.

The other best known forms of fishing boats are the drifters, these are commercial vessels that send out and take in drift nets. These vessels are the most controversial of fishing boats, as the nest are blamed for the deaths of turtles and dolphins in huge numbers. Drift fishing is now banned in international waters and most national waters only allow limited usage of the nets. There are often limits on the size of the nets, although 2.5km for a net still seems like a huge length for a net.

There are also other forms of boats including Seine fishing boats also known as seiners. These boats operate nets that hang vertically in the water and fish are basically circled into the net. There are also factory ships that operate as fishing boats, these vessels are basically trawlers, seiners, drifters etc that also operate as a factory, processing and freezing their catches of fish.

Most recreational fishing is normally undertaken by the river or lake side, although it is not unknown for fishing boats to also be utilized. Most people would normally associate charter boats with recreational fishing. There is though no common type of charter boat, and depends on the type of fishing being undertaken. In the Caribbean the boats are more like private yachts, whilst in England the vessels are more likely to be traditional fishing vessels.

There are though other smaller forms of recreational fishing boats, including Kayak fishing vessels and pontoon boats. Both of these types of boats are normally for one or two anglers that can fish in areas of lakes and rivers that larger boats cannot get to.

By Robert Grazian

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is an ancient method of fishing that is effective for catching salmonids such as trout and salmon. Fly-fishing for trout is usually best in ponds, small streams, rivers and lakes. Fly-fishing is unique because unlike other fishing methods, artificial flies made by tying feathers, fur, foam, yarn or other similar materials are tied onto a hook as bait. You can learn how to tie these flies by researching the subject online or by talking with people who have done it before.

One of the most passionate sports among anglers, there are two forms of fly-fishing - dry fly fishing and wet fly fishing. Of the two, dry fly fishing is regarded as the more familiar and classic form. In this technique, the angler casts the fly upstream. As the fly passes overhead, fish will hopefully rise up and bite the fly. Wet fly fishing is further divided into nymph fishing, lures fishing and true wet fly-fishing, and all are fished beneath the surface of the water.

Some of the widely accepted fly-fishing techniques are wet fly retrieved near the surface, deep drift, nymphs (lightly or heavy), wet fly swung and dry fly swung. Commonly used fly-fishing equipment includes fly-fishing tackle, rods and fly-fishing reels. Fly-fishing is popular in the western states and provinces. Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, and California are famous for fly-fishing. In recent years, the popularity of fly-fishing has dramatically increased. Of all the fishing sports, it is regarded as the most tantalizing among anglers worldwide.

By Steve Valentino

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fishing Trips

Fishing trips make for a truly memorable holiday experience. The cherished wish of catching your favorite fish at your favorite destination could be fulfilled through careful planning. Fishing trips give you an opportunity to explore the wealth of the waters. They are an adventurous and fun-filled experience for both the novice and the expert. They involve a number of skills, including patience, precision, and timing.

You can enjoy a professionally guided fishing trip or have the challenging experience of a self-planned trip. Fishing trips are ideal on bright, sunny days. Successful fishing trips always begin with the selection of the right destination in the right season. Specific information about the destination and the climatic condition is a necessity. It is important to find out whether a fishing license is required for the selected location.

On a fishing trip, you have to carry all the necessary fishing equipments such as tackle, bait, fly rod, reel, line and spare spool and waders. A first aid kit and a detailed location map is a must.

Fishing enthusiasts can opt for deep sea, fresh water, ice or fly fishing trips. Arkansas River and the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers of Alaska are ideal destinations for trout fishing, whereas Snake River is noted for fly-fishing. Some of the most commonly found species are salmon, sturgeon, trout, grayling, steelhead, and pike.

Today, fishing trips are a popular outdoor recreational option and provide for a great family vacation. Wilderness lodges, hotels, resorts, B&B’s and outfitters assist in arranging incredible fishing trips.

By Kristy Annely

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fishing Boats

Fishing is a popular water-based recreational activity and is ranked among America's top ten recreational activities. Fishing boats play a vital role in fishing and provide easy access to get out onto the water. It allows the angler to cover a larger fishing area.

One can choose from a wide range of fishing boats available in the market. The choice ranges from canoes to powerful cabin cruisers or yachts. Based on the type of fishing boat, the prices vary considerably. All-purpose fishing boats, bass boats, aluminum fishing boats, bay fishing boats, center-console fishing boats, flats boats, offshore sport fishing boats, deck fishing boats, pontoon fishing boats and outboard motors are some of the different types available.

Each boat has its own characteristics and is selected based on the purpose of fishing and where it will be used. The small, light weight bass boats are used for both recreational and tournament fishing. Center-console boats allow anglers to fish from any place on deck. For fishing in freshwater rivers, lakes and streams, freshwater fishing boats are the right choice. Offshore saltwater boats are used for saltwater fishing involving huge fish and heavy tackle.

A variety of fishing boats are exhibited in boat shows and fishing shows. Purchase options are provided at these shows that display famous fishing boat manufacturers like Albin Marine, American Boat Manufacturing, Inc., Angler Boat Corporation, Caravelle Boats, Cobia Fishing and Sport Boats, Duckworth Boat Company, Dusky Marine, Inc., and Fountain Powerboats, Godfrey Marine, Osprey Boat Company and Pro-Line Fishing Boats.

By Steve Valentino

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fishing - Basics, Tools and Techniques

Fishing refers to the pursuit of catching fish. Among the methods involved in fishing includes hand gathering, using baits, trapping, angling and netting.

Catching aquatic animals may be referred to as fishing. Among these aquatic animals that most people fish for includes squids, turtles, octopus, shellfish, some marine invertebrates and frogs. The term fishing is not normally applied to whale catching. Fishing is considered as a means of providing food via fish harvesting but contemporary fishing is also a recreational and professional sport.

The term "traditional fishing" is used to depict subsistence fishing practices or small scale commercial fishing, utilizing conventional approaches such as throw nets, rod and tackle, drag nets, harpoons and arrows and more.

Sport fishing and recreational fishing both describe fish catching for pleasure or for competition. Recreational fishing has standards, laws, rules, licensing restrictions and principles which limits the methods in which fishes may be caught. Normally, these exclude the utilization of nets and fishing with hooks.

The most usual kind of recreational fishing involves the use of a reel, any of baits' variety, rod, hooks and line. Angling is the term which describes the practice of catching fish with a hook. In angling, fishes are sometimes required to be returned to the water after it was caught. Recreational fishermen often join competitions and log the number of fishes they normally caught.

Big-game fishing is a kind of fishing that is uses boats to catch big open-water species like sharks, marlin and tuna.

Listed are some of the tools that fishermen may use in fishing.

• Hooks
• Fishing line
Fishing nets
• Fish traps
• Trap nets

Fishing involves different techniques and these are some of it:

Hand fishing
Hand fishing is catching fish using the hands or equipment.

Kite fishing
Kite fishing enables a fisherman to throw far into the stream, even without the use of a boat.

Spear fishing
Spear fishing is a technique that is use to catch fish through the use of a traditional spear or a specific spear variation thereof.

Sport fishing is sometimes referred to as "game fishing." Sport fishing depicts recreational fishing wherein the chief reward is the challenge of searching and capturing the fish more willingly than the financial or culinary value of the flesh of the fish. The kinds of fishes that should be sought in sport fishing include tarpon, marlin, shark, tuna, mackerel and sailfish.

By Ace Smith

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