Monday, October 20, 2008

What You Should Know About Sports Fishing

What is Sports Fishing?

Fishing is a very popular hobby amongst western people. American considers fishing as a sport. It's a very lazy way to spend time and relaxing. Normally people try to find and catch the region’s most coveted fish during sport fishing event. Some fishing groups prefer the catch the fish only for excitement and others also eat the fish at the end of the day.

What are common types of Sports Fishing?

Each type of fish requires a specific method for the appropriate catch. There are different techniques to catch common species like tuna, walleye, northern pike, finger mark, trout, and even shark. Most popular sports fishing types are Bass fishing, Ice fishing, Fly-fishing, Rock fishing.

5 Popular destinations of sports fishing

1. Golfito, Costa Rica is a destination of passionate sports anglers. It's situated amidst miles of beautiful rainforest, abundant wildlife and dramatic terrain beaches.

2. Vava’u Tonga is one of the top sports fishing destination in the South Pacific.

3. Puerto Vallarta is an excellent sports fishing destination, and Marina Mismaloya offers a wide range of fishing adventures in the waters around Puerto Vallarta.

4. Oriental, North Carolina also has gained a reputation as an outstanding sports fishing destination. It is located on the widest river in North America, the Neuse.

5. Mozambique is a popular Indian Ocean Sports fishing destination

Fishing equipment require for sports fishing

Reel, Rod, Tackle, Fishing nets and Fish finders are the basic tools required to participate in a fishing competition. Angler can use simple fishing lures and spinners as sport fishing bait. Night crawlers, streamers, oysters, shrimp are used as common baits during sports fishing. Many sports fishing competitions and events allow using frozen bait. You can visit sports fishing museum to see wide variety of fishing gear.

By Arindam Chattopadhyaya

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