Monday, September 15, 2008

California Fishing Report - Where To Go And What Fish To Target In California

Here's a California fishing report to help you find the best places to go fishing California. Quite simply, fishing in California and around the country is becoming more and more popular, as fishing is a sport that people can do no matter what their age or physical condition might be.

Fishing is one of the greatest sports in existence, because you to be outdoors in the wild, and oftentimes the fishing is actually second place compared to the scenery you are around. These fishing reports will show you the top fish to target on your trip to California.

First of all, here are some quick facts about California's fishing opportunities. California has about 1,100 miles of ocean coastline, 220,000 square miles of ocean waters, 4,000 hundred 72 lakes and reservoirs, 30,000 miles of streams and rivers, etc. Therefore, there is certainly no shortage of fishing opportunities in the state. Northern California fishing in particular offers some tremendous fishing opportunities. Here's some quick California fishing tips to help you find the best places to go fishing, and also the kind of fish you should be targeting in the state.

If you want deep sea fishing, then certainly the ocean and some rivers in the state offer you the opportunities you need. Here, you can go after large mouth bass, which is very popular in the state of California.

Besides large mouth bass however, California fishing boasts just about every can of fish you can imagine, and therefore you can go after any kind of fish that you want. Also, if you want to try to get a saltwater fish, you can target the Mccloud and great white sharks alongside the California coastline.

Also, fly fishing in California is one of the most common types of fishing areas. The Northern part of California offers him the greatest fly fishing opportunities around the country. Here, you can go fishing in the Sierra Nevada's, which one of the greatest places to go California fishing, both for it for its scenery as well as fishing opportunities.

Also, Owens River is one of the greatest places to fish for trout in California, is the this catfish abounds in the river. You won't find too many rivers like this, as it offers a general current that flows through a grip a glacial valley between mountains that are about 9000 feet tall.

Another must visit place you must go to when on your California fishing vacation is the McCloud River. Quite simply, this is another place you can find a lot of trout, as the river feeds Lake Shasta and is the bleeding place for rainbow trout.

You can find a lot of large big brown trout, as well as rainbow trout. Hopefully this California fishing report will help you to find the best places to go fishing and also help make your California fishing experience in a memorable one.

By Jerry Jackson

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