Thursday, September 18, 2008

Choosing Fly Fishing Flies

Throughout the longstanding history of fly fishing, fisherman who practiced it - or anglers, as they are known - have always understood the importance of bringing skill, technique, and grace to the sport. But successful anglers have equally understood the comparable importance of superior equipment in order to be their most effective. And when it comes to fly fishing, some of the most important equipment is fly fishing flies - those small but significant items for which the sport is named.

The selection of fly fishing flies is extensive and is often broken down by wet and dry fly fishing. Fly fishing is considered “dry” when the fly is cast over the water. The angler works to make the fly dance above the water, hoping to attract the attention of the fish below it. Such fly fishing flies are designed to replicate mosquitoes and other insects to which the particular fish may be attracted.
Fly fishing is considered “wet” when the fly fishing flies are actually submerged under the water - where their design allows them to sink to the bottom if necessary - in order to entice fish beneath the surface. The wet fly fishing flies are made with the use of soft hackling which gives them mobility below the water’s surface. In the case of wet fly fishing, often the angler will use multiple fly fishing flies at once in order to improve their chance of success.

Some anglers choose to design and construct their own fly fishing flies - using a variety of materials of natural and synthetic origins. But still others choose to purchase their flies in accordance with the type of fish they are looking to retrieve. Fly fishing flies can be purchased at any number of different locations. For skilled, knowledgeable guidance regarding a choice of fly fishing flies, it is best to visit a retailer that is focused solely on fly fishing. There are also a number of Internet resources where anglers can browse and purchase their fly fishing flies online and have them shipped right to their door.

By Michelle Bery

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