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Fishing - Basics, Tools and Techniques

Fishing refers to the pursuit of catching fish. Among the methods involved in fishing includes hand gathering, using baits, trapping, angling and netting.

Catching aquatic animals may be referred to as fishing. Among these aquatic animals that most people fish for includes squids, turtles, octopus, shellfish, some marine invertebrates and frogs. The term fishing is not normally applied to whale catching. Fishing is considered as a means of providing food via fish harvesting but contemporary fishing is also a recreational and professional sport.

The term "traditional fishing" is used to depict subsistence fishing practices or small scale commercial fishing, utilizing conventional approaches such as throw nets, rod and tackle, drag nets, harpoons and arrows and more.

Sport fishing and recreational fishing both describe fish catching for pleasure or for competition. Recreational fishing has standards, laws, rules, licensing restrictions and principles which limits the methods in which fishes may be caught. Normally, these exclude the utilization of nets and fishing with hooks.

The most usual kind of recreational fishing involves the use of a reel, any of baits' variety, rod, hooks and line. Angling is the term which describes the practice of catching fish with a hook. In angling, fishes are sometimes required to be returned to the water after it was caught. Recreational fishermen often join competitions and log the number of fishes they normally caught.

Big-game fishing is a kind of fishing that is uses boats to catch big open-water species like sharks, marlin and tuna.

Listed are some of the tools that fishermen may use in fishing.

• Hooks
• Fishing line
Fishing nets
• Fish traps
• Trap nets

Fishing involves different techniques and these are some of it:

Hand fishing
Hand fishing is catching fish using the hands or equipment.

Kite fishing
Kite fishing enables a fisherman to throw far into the stream, even without the use of a boat.

Spear fishing
Spear fishing is a technique that is use to catch fish through the use of a traditional spear or a specific spear variation thereof.

Sport fishing is sometimes referred to as "game fishing." Sport fishing depicts recreational fishing wherein the chief reward is the challenge of searching and capturing the fish more willingly than the financial or culinary value of the flesh of the fish. The kinds of fishes that should be sought in sport fishing include tarpon, marlin, shark, tuna, mackerel and sailfish.

By Ace Smith

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