Friday, October 31, 2008

The Advantage Of Fly Fishing

The advantage of fly fishing over any other type of fishing is its' ability to cast small floating insect like baits when fish are top feeding. The cult aside that is the only advantage, in point of fact many spinning rods are fashened from fly rod blanks, the only difference being the guides and reel seat placement. If this pans out and is an economically feasible alternative, I foresee the use of spinning reels mounted on fly rods. This should provide more competition to reel manufacturers and usher in an era of low cost quality reels. I see no drawbacks to the fly fishing community due to it.

Somebody else could say that throwing a chuck of fly line with a spinning rod is not fly fishing because the essence of fly fishing is the casting. According to this point of view if you can't cast, you are not a fly fisherman. I have nothing against spinning tackle, I own and use a lot of it, but spinning and fly fishing are two completely different things. If you want to be a real fly fisherman learn to cast.

I personally do not enjoy fly casting very much because most of the time I am fishing from a lake shore or on the banks of a brook where efficient fly casting is impossible...oh well...this is the end of fly fishing as you know more 1000 dollar rods...just your average $20 rod can out perform the most skilled caster

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