Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Fishing Carp and Catfish Ground Bait Tips!

In summer fish really feed big-time and very many new bait options are now available to exploit! Take advantage of these, gain big competitive advantages over your fellow anglers and catch more fish with these vital ground bait and free baiting tips now!

When considering something a little bit different this summer to get you the edge, there are countless products and methods to select or even adapt in your own way! Many are using ground baits more and more these days but ground baiting used to be regarded as just a small fish method. Right back from the early Eighties when it became a secret edge to fish over boilie crumb and use crumble boilies in PVA tube and on strings and so on, fishing smaller baits as free baits has proven very effective for bigger fish too.

Now of course you have many products that do not just sit inactive on the bottom, but some rise upwards to and also hang in different water layers so attracting fish even more effectively. You can replicate this effect by making your own unique ground baits by selecting those bait items that are less dense and making very active ground baits is a great money-saving edge.

Some of the more interesting products this year as you might expect by now are different pellets. As bait companies get more and more competitive for market share, so they are very thankfully investigating more unusual avenues of bait substance exploitation, realising that natural feeding triggers are the key to long-term success and anglers today know this!

But beware; often you can be fooled into buying pellets that have only been impregnated with natural extracts like those of bloodworm for instance. What you really need to verify is that the pellets you use actually are composed of the nutritional extracts within the pellets formulation itself. (This information should be available from trustworthy bait suppliers plus the age of pellets supplied; this is something else of vital importance in your potential success!) Fresh nutritional bait catches more fish because carp are able to benefit far more from such products nutritionally, they offer superior nutritional stimulation in water and factors like palatability are not compromised by off-flavours, oxidised oils and so on!

One of the very best quality nutrition pellets I have ever used is the Milkimin pellets from Ccmoore. It is reasonable to state that this company due to its huge buying power is one of the very few able to offer a true milk protein based pellet. These pellets are totally unique and are composed of very high quality milk protein ingredients. Many of these ingredients are highly buoyant and this fact provides them with an extraordinary edge. When immersed in water, they hang at differing levels in the water due to their relatively neutral buoyancy. This effect has fooled many big carp which may not have been caught when more standard type baits have been used such as mixed halibut pellets that fish are so keen and often extremely wary of now!

Having made buoyant homemade pellet baits myself with great success I can tell you it is possible to make your own completely unique hovering pellets using ingredients of your own choosing - and this is a fantastic edge over your fellow anglers! (In fact, you can even create your own personalised new homemade pellets using Milkimin pellets as part of the formula too!)

Among the other Ccmoore pellets I would definitely recommend are the boosted mussel pellets, Belachan pellets, Amino Green 365 pellets, Cantax pellets and the totally unique high digest HDE pellets. These can be used in all their different sizes mixed. The smallest sizes will dissolve within 3 hours so you can bait up without any fear of over-feeding. I make my own homemade pastes using these mixed plus other feeding trigger-packed ingredients, additives and liquids. Willis Worms supply a unique cheap alternative to Robin Red which I recommend for all kinds of applications including in PVA bag mixes, method mixes, in boilie and pellet making and creating unique bait soaks etc.

For those fashion following anglers wanting something new Sticky Baits offer baits I think are a great combination in the shape of snail, shrimp and spirulina pellets. They also offer crab pellets and squid pellets. CW Baits offer an incredible range of carp and premium quality koi pellets of many specialist formulations for various conditions and times of the year. Their betaine and spirulina pellets are simply awesome as are their special spicy crab!

Many products are able to be used with PVA products and can be poured directly into PVA bags and over PVA nets and stockings to boost attraction. Many of these are not oils and will not melt PVA due to their unique density often purposely designed into certain PVA friendly products. More standard examples of quick dissolving pellets for PVA product use include hemp pellets and corn steep liquor (CSL) pellets.

The days when you were just stuck with trout, salmon, marine halibut pellets that are all designed for fish with higher metabolic rates for carp rendering them unsuitable to be used in comparison to koi and other specifically designed carp pellets are over. Also the reliance of many carp anglers just on very standard and over-used products such as halibut pellet oil and hemp oil and the like are long gone. But thinking anglers were never limited to these things anyway and have found much cheaper ways to bait up just as effectively! (For more information see my site link and biography!)

By Tim Richardson.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lure Fishing Tips For Pike

Lure fishing for musky and pike can be an intricate matter. I have seen many fishermen do this without thinking at all of what they are doing. The most common mistake is they do it with not enough variation. They keep slamming the pike lures to the same spots over and over again and with the same retrieving speed. This is a very ineffective way to catch fish and will give you little or no fish to land.

These fishermen quickly gives up and complains about bad musky lures or no fish in the waters, while this often is completely wrong. What these guys should have done is fishing with much more variation and patience with the pike or musky.

Firstly, find a pike lure in your box that you know will trigger a bite in most cases and stick with it for a long time. Secondly, take a quick overview of the entire fishing spot and determine depths, rocks and other things to consider. Start throwing the lure just outside weed lines, logs or other object. Retrieve with moderate speed and with your rod tip pointing high to make sure the lure will go high in the water.

If a pike is there and is hungry enough it will grab the lure, if not it will maybe sniff on it or turn just before it take it. Either way, you will notice it visually or feel it. Now we know there is a pike on the spot, but we will not do the huge mistake and throw the lure right back because this mostly will scare the pike back permanently to its hiding place.

We have to leave it, let it go back and "digest" the whole situation. It was not hungry enough or missed the target, but it needs a rest. The pike need a few minutes to settle down. In this period it becomes more focused and the instincts are sharpened. If we now had slammed the lure back after a few seconds the pike would surely had been scared, skeptical or both and certainly not taken the lure.

What we will do next is throwing the lure to another place to check out if there is a fish there. Keep the lure high and make a "map" of the spot (depths etc.). If nothing happens when you have been everywhere, go back to the spot where the pike responded and throw the lure a bit farther away, retrieving a bit slower and with the rod tip lower too. Now the bait will pass by the pike with slightly different movement, deeper and with lower speed. The pike has had its rest and very often the pike is more interested this time or more focused and will take your lure properly.

Always start fishing high and go deeper when nothing happens. Retrieve with slow, moderate and fast speed and most important ; don`t fish on the same spot several again and again. When a cast is finished, throw the lure in a completely different spot next time. Showing the fish your bait many times in a short period just make them fed up with it and shows no interest.

Remember, the fish needs time to consider most of the time, even if it is a pike, salmon, perch or any other fish specie.

Just follow these simple and effective rules and I can guarantee success when many others will not notice anything in the same fishing area.

By Harald Hoel

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fishing For Trout - 3 Tips Every Trout Angler Needs to Use

As temperatures rise and the spring really "kicks into gear" many people start to turn their attention to fishing for trout. In this article I will provide you with 3 tips that every trout angler needs to use. I learned these tips from a man that was considered a trout fishing master many years ago in central Pennsylvania, and know I will pass them along to you.

Some of these trout fishing tips may seem over simplistic, but that doesn't make them any less effective. As a matter of fact, my mentor believed in simplicity not only in life, but also in fishing. The truth is that many times the simpler a fishing technique is, the more effective it is. The bottom line is that when fishing for trout, any or all of these tips will make you a much more effective and successful trout angler.

* Use Mother Nature To Your Advantage - Trout (as well as all fish) are affected my the forces of Mother Nature, particularly the weather & moon. The truth is that the weather & moon have as much to do with you catching trout as the type of trout bait that you choose to use. Knowing when these two forces of Mother Nature are in your favor, such as during a new moon, will increase your bite rates dramatically. Being on the water when the trout are the most active is a great advantage, and the weather & moon are the keys to being on the water at the best times.

* Be As Efficient As Possible - Being efficient when trout fishing is very important, and here's why. The more efficient you are the less time you'll be spending performing mundane tasks like baiting up and re-tying. This time can then be spent with your line in the water where the trout are. Being efficient will make you a much more effective trout angler. Items such as an effective worm carrier, retractors for carrying lightweight gear, and a fishing vest are invaluable to the serious trout fisherman and make anyone a much more efficient angler.

* Present Bait Effectively - When fishing for trout it is imperative that your bait is presented effectively. Some people think just threading a worm onto a hook or covering a size six hook with Powerbait is an effective way to fish for trout. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially when you are dealing with larger, more experienced trout. The best way to present bait effectively is by using gang hooks. Gang hooks are the best way to present bait effectively.

The next time you go out fishing for trout remember these effective tips. They will make you a much better angler. Remember: there's no substitute for spending time on the water practicing your craft, so I suggest you get out there and put these tips into practice.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country.....Montana!

By Trevor Kugler

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fly Fishing Rules and Tips

Fly fishing is a crap sport but it also involved a lot of attention and dedication. Since it is one of the more harder and serious types of fishing there are a few rules that are generally followed. These rules are just for common courtesy because karma is a real thing. If you be nice and help others, you will in return create positive vibes around you.

The first thing that you need to know is that fly fishing is usually done in a quite environment. In many other styles of fishing noise is not an issue. The reason that many people like to fish in a quiet environment is because fly fishing is done in shallow streams and rivers. If you are too loud you can actually spook the fish.
It is also nice to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of a day on the lake. If your environment is really noisy it's hard to stay calm and really relax. If your fishing along this is not that much of a big deal but if there are other fishermen around, be kind and stay reasonably quite.

If you ever happen to see anyone hurt or in need of help, give them a helping hand. This is important because accidents happen a lot during fish trips and some of them can be very serious. You need to help anyone else you see in trouble.

If you got hurt and the only way you could get out was with someone's help, you would want their help as well. Keep this in mind the next time you see someone in trouble.

There have been a few times that I got saved by fellow fishermen. Sometimes it only takes a minute and can greatly benefit everyone to create positive environments around you when you are fishing. Try to be nice and reasonable with people and this way everyone can have a nice and relaxing trip.

By Rob Ganion

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Bass Fishing Tips

Everyone wants to discover the secret to catching the big bass. There are many elements that go into finding big bass. This article will look at a few bass fishing tips you might use to land the big one next time.

One of the first and most important things that you need understand when you're trying to catch bigger fish is that you're going to have to slow down. Larger bass move slower than the smaller bass. By slowing your presentation down to leave the bait in the strike zone longer - giving them a chance to look it over and possibly take your bait.

One of the best big bass fishing lures is a green pumpkin or black and blue Jig. I prefer to use a jig with a weed guard on it, which is a stiff set of bristles that go just over the hook to keep it from grabbing on all the weeds and grass.

Long plastic worms

Another really big fish bait that is used by many bass fishing pros is a long plastic worm. A 10 or 12 inch snake like looking worm can be deadly on the right body of water. I tend to prefer dark browns or black colors when fishing with longer worms. Make sure that your worm is accompanied with a five or six size hook.

Perhaps one of the best bass fishing tips I ever received was to make sure that you get a good solid hooks set. Most people are worried about the water temperature, and everything else. Although those are all very important to catching big bass, if you don't set the hook good and solid you won't catch the fish anyways.

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