Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What to Look For in a Fishing Rod

The most important tool without which you cannot even imagine a fishing excursion is a rod. In fact you may come across seasoned fishermen who are extremely choosy about their rods as they play the key role in catching fishes.

The rods can be made of various materials like fiberglass, glass or graphite. There is significant difference in the activity of these fishing rods. You can find extremely lightweight as well as heavy fishing rods.

Activity Factors of the Fishing Rods

The properties of fishing rods are quite important in judging the quality of the rods. The action capacity is measured by the extent of bending when pressure is applied at the tip of the rod. The time that is taken to accomplish this action is also an important feature.

Some of the bass fishing rods are pretty swift. The rods made of fiberglass are the lightweight ones wherein the graphite rods are the faster and more efficient ones. The ones with high power of action and low profile are considered to be the best in the market.

There are surf rods that are longer than the general rods and are used while fishing in huge lakes and ponds with many other people. There are other two types of fishing rods like land based and shore-based fishing rods.

Properties of Fishing Rods

There are certain features of fishing rods that contribute a lot in its efficiency. The power of a rod is all about the strength of it. The stronger is the fishing rod, the capacity of lifting fishes with higher weight increases. The heavy fishing rods are solely made for fishing in the heavy and muddy water bodies like stagnant pools and ponds.

The light and slender rods are suitable for fishing in the clear and open source of water like rivers and streams. Then the cork that is attached to the handle of a fishing rod is another important part. It needs to be extremely lightweight and the grip of the handle has to be good enough so that you can hold it tightly even when your hands are wet.

The cork quality improves with the improvement of the quality of the rod. The cork is also responsible for letting you know the vibrations of the rod tip.

If you are an amateur then you should seek some advice from a seasoned fisherman before buying a fishing rod for yourself. Make sure that you get some practice with the fishing rods or else it will be tough to handle them while fishing in a river or a lake.

By April Kerr

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