Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Fly fishing is a specific type of fishing where a synthetic fly is used as bait. The “fly” is attached to the hook and swung over the surface of the water to attract fish. Moving the fly correctly in order to entice a fish to bite is one of the more difficult activities involved in fishing.

It is quite difficult to catch fish using flies, and fly fishing is an entirely different sport than standard fishing. There are two ways that a person can learn the skills and techniques needed to successfully fly fish. One option is to buy one of the many books that offers fly fishing instructions and advice. The advantage of books is that readers can learn at their own rate, focusing on particular techniques that seem particularly challenging. A major disadvantage to the books is that readers cannot watch someone else demonstrating the techniques. The other way to learn to fly fish is to take a guided fly fishing trip. A guided fly fishing trip features a trained guide who will teach participants the techniques needed to master this difficult activity.

A guide teaches students what type of fly and rod to use and the techniques to this sport. People who go on guided fly fishing trips learn to assemble their tackle, make appropriate knots, release a fish so that it can live to the next catch, and the basics of casting.

Fly fishing is rapidly becoming more popular, and it is easy to find a guided fly fishing trip for any experience level. It is a good idea to check the credentials of the guide in order to insure that the trip will be educational and fun.

By Ken Marlborough

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