Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Start Surf Fishing

These are the suggestions I have for someone who would like to start surf fishing. Lots of surf anglers have got their start surf fishing by going with their dad or a friend That's fine but it takes a lot longer to get all the knowledge you would like to acquire. Not only that but if your learning from your dad or a friend (depending on their knowledge or experience) you might not get a comprehensive coverage of the sport. I think there's a better way of going about it.

You could sign up for a surf fishing class that's another way to get started. At least it would be comprehensive. The local surf fishing club where I live in Florida has a class they offer for about $250. That might be a little expensive for some. If you can afford it, that's definitely a good way to go. If there's a surf fishing class near your location check that option out. The instructors will be experienced surf anglers and the classes are usually held right at the surf line.

There's still another way I'd like to suggest. Especially if you're on a tight budget. First I would start with familiarizing yourself with everything you can get your hands on. The Internet is a good place to start. There are a lot of articles on the Internet, like this one that are freely available. Take advantage of them. That's what they are there for. It will build your enthusiasm for the sport and give you a nice heads up for what you will experience.

Use the Web to learn about surf fishing techniques and the equipment used to fish the surf. Get an idea of the rod and reel combination that you would like to start with. Learn about the live bait, lures and artificials that surf anglers like to use. Find out what kind of surf fish are caught from the beach. A lot of the information is free but some of it you may have to purchase.

Visit the local bookstore and browse through the books about surf fishing. Visit Amazon and check out what they have to offer. Give yourself an introduction to the sport. It won't be long before you've learned a lot and find out what an awesome sport this is.

With a little bit of effort you would be surprised what you can learn. After getting an exposure like this your ready to select some surf gear and try it out for yourself. Now you could go right to the beach and start fishing. I'm sure you'll start getting some good results but if you can find a friend that will take you out that's what you should try for. Your friend will be able to help you with some of the things that are difficult to get from a book. Don't try to show your friend up with some of your new knowledge and don't be surprised if you know more about it than they do. Keep that your little secret. Once you get some actual experience under your belt it won't be long before you are teaching them.

When you land your first fish it will build your confidence up and soon you'll be surf fishing like a pro. Today, we don't have the time to spend days or months trying to get a handle on what works. Everybody wants it now and they want results right away. Believe me, that first fish you land will have you hooked more than you hooked it. Pun intended.

By Randy Meyers

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