Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Do I Need Another Fishing Rod?

Many anglers think that they can get by with only one fishing rod. While this may be true if you fish for the same species of fish in the same conditions all the time, who among us does that? If you're anything like me, you like to fish in rivers, lakes, and streams, while maybe even mixing in a touch of saltwater fishing. Fishing in different bodies of water, calls for different fishing rods. And what about different species of fish. The same rod shouldn't be used for trout fishing on one trip and the trolling for walleye on another. You need to have separate rods for separate situations.

For example, my favorite type of angling is trout fishing in a certain river in Montana. I spend 90% of my time fishing the same river. I ultra light fish for trout in this river, but do I have only 1 fishing rod that I use? No, I have two. I have a five foot ultra light rod for normal water conditions, but when the water is running high (which it does for 4 months out of the year), I use a six foot six ultra light fishing rod. You see when the water is high, the longer rod enable me to control my bait much better and also give me much better "feel". With my shorter rod, fishing in high water is a tone more difficult.

So even if you fish mainly for one species of fish, as long as the water conditions vary, and they almost always do, having a choice of rods is always a good idea. I'm not talking about having twenty different fishing rods, I'm talking about having four or five different fishing rods at your disposal. Just make sure that your not using the same rod for fishing for trout one day and catfish another. Your fishing gear, including your fishing rod, should be matched to not only the type of fish that you're fishing for, but also the conditioned in which you're fishing in. There's no reason to break the bank on extra fishing rods either. Quality rods can be easily found for $50 and less, each. I personally don't spend more than $50 for a fishing rod.

So, if you're one of those anglers who only have one fishing rod and like to fish, it's time to step up and have another option or two. The amount of fish you catch will be affected in a positive manner if you can match your fishing rod to the fish and/or conditions. Give it a shot, and see for yourself.

By Trevor Kugler

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