Monday, September 22, 2008

Different Types of Fly Fishing Rods

Most fly fishermen take their fishing sport very much seriously. They go beyond the fact that it is for catching fishes and enjoy sometime outdoors. These fishermen consider fishing as an art. People are found much more engaged in the fly fishing than the regular fishing activity. Practice and dedication are the only intricacies for learning the sport.

If you consider fly fishing then choosing the right rod is very much important. Which fishing rod to choose from an array of available rods in the market would completely depend on one's personal preference. Comfort is the first thing that you must look for while choosing a your fishing rod.

Bamboo fly fishing rod: Most of the fishing enthusiasts go for the bamboo fly rods. People bet that these are the best type of rods as it will suit everyone to its best. The bamboo fly fishing rods are the first types of rods made and are still popular amongst people. These bamboo rods are light and flexible. People who practice a much more refined method can use this slow action fishing rod. However, they make expensive rods.

Graphite fly fishing rod: These graphite fly rods are a little stiff yet effective. This type of fishing rod is strong and its strength would vary with its quality. The performance and the durability that the graphite rods offer are loved by the fishermen. You can find these in various designs and prices. If you are a beginner then this rod would be perfect.

Fiberglass fly fishing rod: These days most rods are made from the fiberglass. This material is durable, strong and flexible too. Thus, fiberglass fly fishing rod too makes a great rod. However, if compared to the other two fishing rods, these fiberglass rods are much heavier. Thus, they make the fishermen leave behind a little tired at the end of the day.

By Rob Buenaventura

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