Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-sea fishing is fishing that involves trolling deep waters with large fishing tackle. Compared to other types of fishing, deep-sea fishing requires more fishing equipment including more line, rods and lures. Rods, reels, bait and tackles are the fishing equipment generally required for deep-sea fishing, and specialized fishing boats are needed for angling.

Basically, there are two types of deep sea fishing techniques - trolling and bottom fishing. The fishing technique is chosen, based on the location of the fish. Trolling techniques require keeping the fishing boat at a constant speed of six knots. The bait used is usually a fishing lure that is drawn on a line through the water slightly below the surface of the water. In bottom fishing, the boat anchors in deep water and hooks charged with lures are dropped to the bottom of the sea.

Seining, long lining and netting are some other techniques used in deep-sea fishing. Seining is an angling technique used in areas where there are large schools or groups of fish. As the name implies, long-lining gets its name from the length of the lines that are used. It is one of the popular methods of fishing used to attract fish. The bait is strung out on a long line held up by buoys. Netting techniques rely on nets that are set in shallow water around the coasts.

The Mississippi Gulf coast, San Diego coast, Cozumel coast and Cancun beaches are among the most popular destinations for deep-sea fishing. Even though deep-sea fishing is specifically for an experienced angler, it is one type of sports fishing that anyone can enjoy.

By Steve Valentino

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