Monday, December 1, 2008

The History Of Fishing Reels

Fishing is a very popular sport throughout the world and it can be rewarding and a brilliant experience to catch your supper whilst enjoying nature. Fishing with family or friends can be good fun too and a great bonding experience for sons and fathers. Challenges exist whether river fishing or sea fishing but it is important to be patient and learn from any mistakes you make. Nobody becomes a professional overnight and practice does make perfect.

It is required by law in most states to obtain a fishing license before you start to fish but this does vary from state to state so you need to check out your state's requirements before you begin fishing. When you have your license, you can think about buying tackle and equipment.

The fishing rod was invented first, followed by the reel, which has been around for hundreds of years. Reels date back to the 17th century although the Chinese were using a type of fishing reel in the 12th century. Before the 18th century, a reel had the primary role of storing excess line but reels have come a long way since those days and there is a good choice on the market to suit various types of fishing, your budget and ability. You can get reels using materials like brass and nickel today.

Before purchasing a reel, ask yourself where you will be fishing and what you can afford. If you plan to be fishing in a stream or river, you will need something quite different than if you were to be fishing in the open sea in rough conditions. A novice fisherman should probably consider something basic to practice with, before thinking about moving on to something more advanced. It is good to try different types of reels to see what you feel comfortable with.

There are so many types of fishing reel available on the market these days that you can probably find something not too expensive to suit your budget. If you have a bigger budget, you can have more choice of reels but the most expensive is not necessarily the best for you. You can shop for a reel online, in a fishing shop or second hand. The important things are that it suits your rod and other equipment and that it is good for the type of fishing you plan to be doing.

Fishing is fun and rewarding and making sure you have good equipment only makes it better!

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