Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Fishing Rod Resources For Your Tackle Box

Often times a fisherman buys a fishing rod and reel and goes fishing, never realizing that there are fishing rod resources that can be an added benefit to the rod. Several fishing rod accessories exist that should be considered for any fisherman.

These products can make great additions to your fishing equipment or even wonderful gift ideas for your fishing friends. Here are the 5 fishing rod resources that are available to you.

Vertical Rod Holder

These rod holders are great for both home storage or for use on your boat and can hold a multiple number of rods. They are very inexpensive and easy to use. There is one piece for the butt end of your rod and another piece that holds the rod near the tip. Fishing rods do not move around and do not get tangled with other rods, meaning this item can save your fishing rods from damage.

Rod Wraps and Straps

You can transport your fishing rod and minimize damage by using some of the elastic or Velcro wraps and straps that are available. These usually come in a pack of 2 with one piece for the butt of your rod and another for the tip. By securing both ends before transport, you can avoid broken or bent guides or even broken blanks.

Emergency Rod Tip Repair Kit

This is a must have, especially when fishing in those remote locations. The emergency rod tip repair kit comes with shrink tubing and rod tip. Simply and quickly apply to the broken end of your fishing rod and keep fishing.

Graphite Wax

Today's graphite fishing rods will see much wear and tear over time. The rod joints need to be managed regularly to insure long life of your rod. Graphite Wax is designed to maintain graphite rod joints and prevent wear.

By Dean Carl

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